Sundown Audio SA-12 v.2 - 1,000 Watts RMS

Sundown Audio

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SA-12 v.2
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Product Overview

About: Sundown Audio SA-12 v.2 SA Series Subwoofer

The Sundown SA series upgraded every part that ever failed for any reason for the all-new v2. The result is a much more rugged woofer that will work in basically the same enclosure sizes as the old SA series while also providing less distortion over a broader mechanical excursion window. They will carry a full 1000-watt RMS rating.


  • Ported Box Suggestions: 1.75 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~29 Hz
  • Magnet outer diameter increased from 180mm to 190mm 
  • Magnet slugs increased from 25mm to 27mm in height (total 4mm more height) 
  • Motor structure fully bolted together with 3x M6 bolts (eliminates the possibility of motor shifting) 
  • Top-Plate "Slits" implemented as with the X and Z series. Increased cooling & reduced distortion. 
  • Improved gap venting -- more / flared gap vents. 
  • Improve pole-vent design -- smoothly flared on both sides. 
  • Coil increased from 63.5mm (2.5") to 70mm (2.75") in diameter. Higher thermal capacity. 
  • New "U series" style cast-aluminum frame for taller cones (more x-mech both top-side from cone to spider and bottom from spider to top plate) 
  • Aluminum cast gasket to bolt-on surround. 
  • Aluminum cast vent ring to enhance thermal transfer from motor to the frame. 
  • Standard with double "XL" leads and "bolted-on" spider
  • Larger and thicker surround (same tooling as U series). 
  • Strongest paper cones we have ever produced... new two-piece mold technique that we will expand to other cones in the future. 
  • "Large Flange" dust cap just like our larger woofers. Essentially eliminates dust-cap glue failure. 
  • Larger spider diameter on the 12/15" models (the 10" retains the same 188mm spider)... 12" up to ~200mm and 15" up to ~210mm 
  • Improved spider material -- same "hybrid" material sandwich that we implemented on the Rev.4 of the X & Z series spiders (as well as X-8 v3)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review